Welcome to The Vibrant Bride

Where you will gain complete confidence with your skin, health and wellbeing.

l will be taking you on a transformative journey from feeling self conscious of your skin and body, anxious and overwhelmed….to a vibrant, calm and glowing bride who feels the best she has ever felt. I believe this transformational journey is essential preparation to feeling your best self on your wedding day.

Meet Lesley Mccormick

Passionate about caring for skin in a holistic way to achieve skin health & rejuvenation.

I am excited to share my techniques with you to help you understand and achieve healthy, vibrant skin. I have over 30 years experience within the hair and beauty industry, specialising in bridal hair and makeup, and my approach to achieving healthy skin is about so much more than products- in fact, it is very little to do with skincare products. Our general health and mental wellbeing has a huge impact on the health of our skin and our appearance.

A 6-week self-care journey towards your big day

Achieving healthy skin and vitality is about YOU and how you love and look after yourself.

  • Skin health tips

    Learn EFT tapping for nerves and the ideal food for your skin health.

  • Pilates class

    Boost your confidence and improve your posture.

  • Visualization exercises

    Practice setting strong boundaries, meditation and visualization.

Your skin doesn’t need any more products to ‘fix’ it….

It needs more understanding, flow, movement and a healthy relationship with yourself! I have transformed my mindset and my skin and I can’t wait to share this with you.